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Poller's History

Since 2003, Poller has been conducting various marketing research projects and surveys of different groups of people in an attempt to provide consumers' views and desires analytically with marketing consulting to manufacturers and distributors of goods and services.

In keeping with the growing global trends and technology advances, Poller has taken on paper-and-paper methods that have cost and time-consuming, and provide a well-qualified online poll using his in-house and experienced programming team. This practical solution is called Poller, in the sense of polling and polls, allowing for the gathering of opinions from a wide range of people in a very short period of time and at a very affordable cost. It works less.

poller's team strives to reach out to more and more research enthusiasts every day and to embark on a journey of excellence in "decision-making".

Careful research - in-depth analysis - presenting the way

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