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  • Search "Poller" in English or in Persian"پولر" and install it.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • An SMS containing the verification code will be sent to you, enter the verification code and enter the app..
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    Become poller membership

  • Complete the travel survey
  • Upgrade your user level to bronze
  • Now you can see the rest of the polls
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    Participate in polls

    • Complete the silver user promotion survey
    • After authentication, the user level becomes silver
    • From now on, at least one poll will be activated per week


    Get your prize!

  • By participating in any poll, you get a Papasi or a Toman
  • With Papasi, you can participate in monthly lotteries
  • With Toman, you can buy from Poller market
  • Online questionnaire Online questionnaire

    Online survey app

    We have created a program to record your comments, interests and views. It doesn't matter if your opinion is positive or negative about a product, just be honest. Your feedback will be collected and made available to owners of products and services, and will help manufacturers improve the quality of their products and services according to the tastes of their consumers. After participating in each survey, the prize will be added to your account balance.

    Keep in mind that participating in Poller app polls is not just a hobby, the selected groups actually represent sections of our community that reflect the views of these sections of the community by honestly answering survey questions.

    Make money online

    Make money online

    Subscribe to the online survey:

    All you have to do is search for the word "Poller" or "پولر" in software stores such as Cafe Bazaar and Play Store, and install it on your Android device. Keep in mind that this software is free and it won't cost you anything. After successful installation of the program, enter your information from the membership page to become a member of the online Poller family survey. Note that this program can be installed on devices with Android version 4.4 and above.

    After subscribing, according to the personal features listed in your profile, you will be assigned online surveys. You earn points by participating in online polls. Keep in mind that you can only use the points earned in the program market environment or to participate in monthly lotteries.

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    survey app
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    poller online survey
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    Participate in online survey

    In order to always be able to participate in polls, you need to upgrade your user to the silver level. To do this, you need to complete the silver upgrade survey in the app with the correct information. All the information that you provided to the Puller application through the upgrade form is protected by us and will not be used commercially. This information is only used to verify your identity and demographic classification so that surveys related to your information are enabled.

    After upgrading, we will activate new polls for you each week so that you can earn more points and win more prizes by participating in polls.

    poller app

    survey application

    Receive survey Award

    The subject of some polls is public, and their scoring unit is papacy, which can be used to participate in periodic lotteries. The subject of some other surveys is dedicated to specific products whose value is in Tomans and after answering the survey, it will be added to your account and you can spend it in the market section of the application and through the various offers that are suggested to you. You will have access to different polls with different membership levels. Guest users will not be able to access the polls, Bronze users will only have 4 active polls that have Papasi prizes, and silver users will receive Toman and Papasi prizes that they can use in monthly lotteries or the Poller market.

    survey platform online survey online poll platform

    Poller Online Frequently Asked Questions

    No, just need to connect your device to the Internet.

    No, your given national code during the membership process shoud match with your's.In case of winning the Sums or prizes.the person's information will be matched with their national card and in case of conflicting information, gifts and cash prizes will not deliver.

    Any member of the "poller" community can earn a rating by completing a survey. When the survey is completed,based on the Validation of the registered questionnaire, the rating will be adding up to 24 hours later on the Poller Member's page.Details of the erned points, such as the amount of points and the name of the survey, are specify on the "My Account" page.The points you earn are green, and the points you spend and are originally lost from your account turn red.

    You can reach out to Sponsors by phone or email.

    Poller points are two type categories: monetary points and draw points.Monetary points are in tuman and you will get the equivalent of monetary credit in your account. You can buy a variety of services from the Puller Market page with paid points. Credit card charging, You can buy a variety of services from the Puller Market page with points. Credit card charging,online taxi credit charging, charitable donations,special discounts on online food ordering services,credit recharge or discounts on insurance, online shopping, special membership cards and more.are available to poller members.draw points are not worth the money, but you can collect them in periodic Puller draws. The more draw points you have,your chance of winning the draw will be better. Trust the rules of probability!

    papasi is a rating unit of non-rial value surveys that can be used to response surveys for responding to surveys to participate in periodic draws..

    The reviews you collect are analyzed and provided to manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services that improve the quality of your goods and services according to consumer preferences, so you have a direct role in improving your views. You will get the services you need in the community. On the other hand, every survey has a Rial Score or Periodic draw Score that you can spend on the App Marketplace with Rial Score and you can spend it on Periodic Lottery Score.

    If you complete the survey, your rating will automatically be credited for you. answered surveys will show a thank-you message and the survey will end, and you will need to uncheck the "Return to app" option to have your poll completed.

    You can submit your request with the correct information from the "Profile" page via the "Submit a Change of Application" option.

    No, your account balance can only be spent through the Proposals that offered in the Marketplace app.

    download poller download poller app
    download poller app

    Download Poller's android app

    Poller is a dedicated app for professional research in marketing research. (IOS version to be released soon)




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