Our privacy policy reflects how you use your information collected by the app. Please read our privacy policy before using the app or sending any information. Privacy Policy supplements Poller's terms and is an agreement between Poller and its users. Privacy laws cover all websites, products, services and services, and affiliated sites and agencies, except as expressly stated. Your data will never be shared with third parties, except with your consent or with the request of legal authorities. As a data processor, we may use and analyze your information for ourselves for the internal purposes that are explicitly addressed in this document by ourselves and our Partners. At Poller, people can update, delete, add or change their information at any time.


Preservation of personal information

We use all of the information we have obtained through creating your account, purchasing, subscribing to receive newsletters, answering questions, completing surveys, browsing, or using any application for:

  • To improve your experience and provide better and more engaging content and products and services
  • To improve our sites and services to improve your service to you
  • To ask you to rate the different parts of the service you receive from us.
  • To ask you to rate the different parts of the service you receive from us.
  • To keep track of your comments, suggestions, and critiques, which come from different sections.

Poller stores your personal information according to your account. Your personal information, including survey information or any other information that you sometimes enter into the app. We will keep your information for as long as you have an account with us. If you cancel or close your account, all of your personal information and copies will be erased. If, for technical reasons or for any other reason, we fail to clear your personal information, we are confident that we will take all measures to prevent the processing of your information in the future. This does not include the information we are required to maintain after clearing the account for audit purposes.


By adopting the highest standards, we will prevent your information from being compromised at any point in time. Strengthening IT infrastructures, data security platforms and IT policies have enabled us to provide our customers with advanced two-way security.

third Party

We will never sell your personal information to other companies for marketing or marketing purposes and will not disclose it to any outside parties. We only use any information you provide for the use of our services and products, including: personal information, answering various questionnaire questions, etc., and you own it only. This does not include websites or other entities that help us manage the application, do the work or provide services to our users, as long as they agree to keep this information confidential. We may also publish information in accordance with the law or in order to enforce policies or to maintain the law of property or security for ourselves and others.

Your rights

You can tell us about your problems and concerns at any time through (info [at] poller [dot] ir). We commit to contact you within a maximum of 7 business days. Here is a list of the rights that you have made under our privacy laws::

  • The right to access your information
  • The right to restrict or prevent the processing of your information
  • The right to update or change your information
  • The right to erase your information
  • The right to refuse to receive our marketing emails
  • The right to transfer your information to another processor

Modifying privacy policies

Poller can change his privacy policies at any time. We will post the modified version on our site and we will notify you of any changes in the way we collect and use the information if any. Your continued use of our Services constitutes your agreement to our Privacy Policy Amendments.

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