Welcome to Poller. Please read the terms of use carefully.


1.the reception

Your use of Poller means acceptance of the Terms of Use and Privacy..


You need to register to use the Service features. By registering you acknowledge that you have the minimum legal age in Iran, you have entered the registration information, such as your email address, mobile number, and other information correctly, fully and accurately, and keep this information up to date. You acknowledge that your username or email address is your own and does not belong to anyone else, and we have the right to block your account if we find any of these violations. For changes to your credentials, you can always email us via SMS 1000777771 or email to make any corrections.

3.Intellectual Property

Using the service or sharing the service does not create any right for you to own the intellectual property rights of the service. All include designs, content, branding, how the service works and the user experience of the service owned by Pauler.

4.Tariffs and Payments

The sums added to the surveys to your user profile can only be used in the marketplace environment of the Puller app, and it is not possible to buy or sell cash or points in other applications outside the program.

5.Change the Terms of Use

We have the right, without prior notice, to change the terms of use of the Terms of Use and post it on the Polar Website. You can check the rules page, social pages, website, etc. for the latest changes and continue to use the Service if you wish.

6.Change service

We're always developing Poller and adding features to it. You acknowledge and agree that without your knowledge, the appearance and nature of the Service or the features available to any User Account may change. These changes can be in the way of ratings or market options and more.

7.Other rules

You should not hack the service, perform a penetration test, perform activities that load heavily on the service infrastructure, and attempt to gain unauthorized access to the service.

You must not threaten, abuse or abuse our employees, customers or agents.

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You can get papacy or toman by answering polls. These privileges are currently unassailable.

Earned points can be used in two modes. The first is taking part in the monthly lotteries with which you will have a chance to draw, and the second is using the cashier market you can make with your favorite shopping in the marketplace.

Note that Papasya's credit is valid until the end of February this year and will not be transferable to the following year and will be zero if not used.


The lottery is held monthly by all those who participated in Papacy rated polls, earned credits and spent credits to participate in the lottery, and its video is posted on Poller's site and social networks.

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